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Crewsaver Crewfit Lifejacket, Just the Fit

Mon 11th May 2015

The new Crewsaver Crewfit range lifejackets are the first of their kind to offer safe, stylish, comfortable and affordable solutions to the everyday recreational users.

Using the knowledge and experienced Crewsaver have gained during the development of the ErgoFit lifejacket range, alongside 30 years of experience we have in the design and manufacture of inflatable lifejackets we are able to ensure that every Crewsaver lifejacket encompasses the most advanced and essential safety features at every price point.

The Crewsaver Crewfit 165N Sport lifejacket uses the latest 3D technology, ensuring maximum comfort levels. Entry level to the 3D range, the Crewfit 165N Sport has the essential features to ensure the recreational user remains safe when out on the water.

Lifejacket Fitting and Care

Wearing a properly fitted lifejacket is as important as wearing a lifejacket itself. Your lifejacket should be adjusted to your size with the lifejacket feeling firm around your body. A crotch strap should also be fitted to your lifejacket. The crotch strap should run from the back of the life jacket down through your legs and be fastened at the front. The crotch strap will keep your lifejacket firmly secured to your body while in the water.

Your Lifejacket should be serviced every year making sure it's in good working order. Boat lockers and compartments are generally damp & humid areas, not the best place to leave your lifejacket. This especially applies if your lifejackets are automatic. Manual and automatic Life jacket CO² Cylinders should be replaced if there are any signs of corrosion on the exterior of the cylinder.

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