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Blue Sea 4-POS IP67 Weatherdeck Switch Panel Grey

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Enquire About this Product Blue Sea 4-POS IP67 Weatherdeck Switch Panel Grey

Blue sea Systems Weatherdeck switch panel constructed from corrosion resistant materials is the recommended switch panel when switches are open to the rain and spray on your boat.

lable backlighting allows switching and dimming, Compatible with all Blue Sea Systems Digital Dimmers.

UV stablized and weather resistant faceplate. Rated IP67 - "Temporary Immersion".

Rugged UV stabilized waterproof boots protect switches and circuit breakers.

Each panel can be mounted in four different orientations.Includes 4215 - 30 lable set.

Product Specifications


Blue Sea Systems

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IP67 - Temorary immersion for 30 minutes.

Material: UV resistant thermoplastic.

Voltage Rating: 12 or 24 volts DC.

Amp rating per circuit:15 amps @ 12 volt DC. 9 amps @ 24 volt DC.

Switch type: On/Off toggle.

Switch rating:15 amp maximum.

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