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Cobra Marine HH350 FLT EU Handheld VHF Radio

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Enquire About this Product Cobra Marine HH350 FLT EU Handheld VHF Radio

Cobra HH350 FLT EU Handheld VHF Radio

The New Cobra HH350 FLT EU is one of the best value buoyant VHF radios on the market today.

This compact buoyant handheld VHF comes packed with user features such as 3 tranmitting power settings 1,3 & 6 watts, This adjustable power option allows you choose which power setting works best for you and in turn helping you save the battery life. The Cobra also has  full access to all NOAA weather channels and alarm tones for weather warnings.

The HH350 has a orange core which help with location of the handheld VHF if dropped overboard. Feature also include Noise canceling microphone, JIS7/IPX7 rated submersible, Tri watch, Memory Channels, Memory Scan and BURP.

This Cobra HH350 is a great all round VHF for water based activites like Kayaking, surfing, dinghy sailing, and as a standby radio on your boat or yacht.


Product Specifications



Item Colour



Noise canceling microphone

JIS7/IPX7 rated Submersible

Tri-Watch, Memory Channels

Memory Scan and BURP

Slectable key tone

Instant channel 16

Battery saver circuitry

Detachable antenna

1,3 & 6 Watt Power output

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