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Life Jacket Types

Foam, Manual Inflation & Automatic Inflation

Life jackets and buoyancy aids are essential pieces of equipment if you are on or around water. There should always be one life jacket per person on board any vessel going on a voyage, Life jackets should be worn at all time while on deck or close to hand while in the cabin area and not locked away in a hard to access point on the boat. Should you be unlucky enough to fall overboard life jackets and buoyancy aids will help to keep you afloat until help arrives. Such personal flotation devices are available in many different types and price levels. All life jackets are manufactured to ISO classification standards for life jacket buoyancy.

Life Jacket Types

There are three main types of lifejacket - Foam, Manual Inflation & Automatic Inflation.

Foam life Jackets

Foam lifejackets have mostly 100 Newton of buoyancy. Foam life jackets are relatively cheap however would be the most bulky of all life jackets.

Manual inflation life jackets

Manual inflation life jackets are available up to 150 Newton from most life jacket manufacturers. Manual inflation is sometime preferred as you can get the life jacket wet without the risk of the life jacket being inflated.

Automatic inflation life jackets

Automatic inflation life jackets are available from 100 Newton Junior lifejackets up to 275 Newton. Automatic lifejackets are recommended where the user is at risk of falling overboard or falling from height into water as the jacket will inflate automatically even if the user is unconscious or unable to inflate the jacket manually. If you are onboard a fast moving powerboat or a member of crew on a yacht, automatic lifejacket would be recommended.