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International watertite

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International Watertite Epoxy Fillers, formerly known as International 400 -A quick drying epoxy filler ideal for long-lasting repair onto all substrates. Its key benefit is a fast curing time, excellent for filling small areas quickly and so ideal for the DIY yachtsman. This 2-part formulation has a matt blue finish and can be used on areas above or below the waterline to fill holes at up to 2cm depth per application. It has excellent resistance to water penetration. Watertite Epoxy Fillers can be used above and below the waterline. Use either as a surfacing putty to fill screw holes and hairline cracks in gelcoat, prior to repainting with a two-part, high performance, polyurethane system, such as Perfection Polyurethane. Below the waterline, use as part of osmotic blister protection or repair system. Mix both Interfillï¾® Epoxy Putty and Watertite in a 1:1 ratio.

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