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Nasa Meteoman Marine Barometer with Masthead Unit.

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Enquire About this Product Nasa Meteoman Marine Barometer with Masthead Unit.

If You are planning a voyage or are navigating during a long passage, the ability to predict the weather is essential.

The history if barometric pressure and wind speed as well as current current weather condition can be invaluable for perdicting imminent weather conditions and rate of change. There are many barometers which can be inaccurate and have poor history. 

The NASA MeteoMan is a very accurate with high resolution barograph recording in excess of five days data on barometric pressure and wind speed. It is easy to use, reliable, rugged and draws very little power from the boat's battery.

The Nasa Meteoman is available with an optional NMEA Wind sensor which provides wind direction, wind speed and external temperature. The Meteoman provides reliable meteorological information for the yachtsman. The main display shows the wind speed and direction, the ambient temperature and the barometric pressure. To assist in predicting future trends the unit also displays a precision barograph and an anemograph showing barometric pressure and wind speed for the previous five days.

Product Specifications



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Includes a marine chronometer.

Stop watch.

Race countdown timer

Display of internal temperature and battery voltage.

Atmospheric Pressure Range: 850 to 1100mb (user adjustment to compensate for altitude).

Pressure Trend: Rate of change of pressure for previous 24 hours in millibars per hour.

Pressure History: 950 to 1050mb or 980 to 1030mb with 0.5mb resolution.

Wind speed (when fitted with NMEA wind sensor) and Wind speed history.

Wind direction (when fitted with NMEA wind sensor) in analogue and digital format.

Real time clock with Race countdown timer and Stop watch with split timing.

Outside temperature (when fitted with NMEA wind sensor) and Cabin temperature.

Supply voltage: 9.0 to 15.0 volts.

Operating current: 100mA (when fitted with NMEA wind sensor) / 150mA (with backlight illuminated). 

Standby current - less than 10mA Dimensions (WxHxD): 15.0 x 11.2 x 4.2 cm.

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