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Rulemate 500 GPH Bilge Pump Fully Automatic

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Enquire About this Product Rulemate 500 GPH Bilge Pump Fully Automatic

The Rule-mate 500 GPH consists of a powerful rule bilge pump and a new non-mercury float switch in a single housing. Fully automatic but will only turn on when the water level rises. There is no cycling and no battery drain.

The pump remains off until the internal float switch rises and the pump stays on until the water is evacuated. The pump's internal computer senses no load (water) against the impeller and then shuts off.

A detachable strainer provides easy access to the impeller area for removal of debris. Each pump is easily installed with the pump and switch internally wired.

A third wire allows the pump to be connected to a manual switch if so desired.

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Connections: For 19mm (3/4") bore hose.

Dimensions: 114mm high, 152mm long, 83mm wide.

12 Volt

Fuse Size: 3 amp

Output: Up to 31 litres/minute (7 gallons/minute).

Max. recommended discharge head 2m.

Fully automated bilge pump with integral float switch.

Compact pump for smaller vessels.

Tough plastic body.

Quick release inlet strainer allows rapid cleaning.

Low amp draw conserves batteries.

Ignition protected.

Packaged Dimensions: L:18.00 x H:9.00 x W:20.00cm

Actual Weight: 0.46 Kg (Approx. 0.66 Kg packed)

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