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SST Hydrofoils

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Fits all out drives (except Volvo), and outboards 5HP and up. Shark skin finish to increase fuel efficiency. Improves low speed planing, reduces fuel consumption, controls better. The result is a boat that planes faster, rides smoother, has increased stability and consumes less fuel. Suitable for Aluminum Boats, Fishing Boats, Inflatable Boats, Dinghies, Pleasure boats, Ski Boats and Four stroke engines. The new SST B Series Hydrofoils are 20% bigger than the previous version, making it the largest fixed position hydrofoil available, giving superior lifting ability for even the heaviest boats. Improvements to the curvature at the top and bottom of the fin offer increased hydrodynamic efficiency. The top surface of the fin has an exclusive 'Shark fin' finish that also optimises water flow and further enhances the lift. Dimensions: Each fin 230mm x 280MM

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