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Standard Horizon HX280E Handheld VHF Radio Submersible

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Enquire About this Product Standard Horizon HX280E Handheld VHF Radio Submersible

Features and unique functions.

The Standard Horizon HX280E handheld VHF Radio has all USA, Canadian and International VHF marine channels, one button dedicated to selecting Distress channel 16 and hailing channel 9, programmable scan of any number of channels. Channel 16 dual watch. The Preset key allows you to easily recall up to 10 of your most used channels. You can also see battery life indication on the LCD when your radio warns you that the battery needs recharging.* see 'How long will my battery last' in the download section.

Huge Channel Display

The HX280E visibility is enhanced with an enormous LCD Window with tall wide digits and bold information flags that are easy to identify. The LCD and keypad are backlit for best visibility at night

1650mAh Li-Ion Battery AC Charger and Cradle.

The accessories supplied with the Standard Horizon HX280E are unmatched, a 1650mAh Li-Ion battery that will last over 13 hours (5/5/90) duty cycle when transmitting at 5W and a drop-in desktop charger to charge the radio from an AC outlet.

IPX7 Submersible ( 1 Metre for 30 minutes)

Standard Horizon HX280E is engineered for unparallelled reliability, it is designed to survive submersion of 1 Metre for 30 minutes, The HX280E utilizes a high impact-resistant non corrosive case, display lens and waterproof gaskets.

Product Specifications



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Frequency Range (MHz)                  156.025 MHz - 162.000 MHz (Marine Band)
Channel Steps 25 KHz
Frequency Stability ± 5ppm ( -20oC ~ +60oC)
Emission Type 16K0G3E
Aerial Impedance  50 ohms
Supply Voltage  7.4VDC
Current Consumption 320mA RECEIVE
Operating Temperature -20oC ~ +60oC
Waterproofing Rating 30 Minutes @ 1 Metre depth ( IPX7)
Case Size ( W x D x H) 56 x 133 x 27.5 mm
Weight Approx 310 gm with FNB-V105Li
RF Output Power 1W / 5W @ 7.4V
Modulation type Variable Reactance
Maximum Deviation ± 5KHz
Spurious Emissions less than 0.25µW
Microphone impedance 2 K-ohms
Circuit Type Double Conversion Superheterodyne
Intermediate Frequencies (IF) 1st 10.7 MHz; 2nd 450 KHz
Sensitivity 1µV for 20dB SINAD
Adjacent Channel Selectivity 70dB
Intermodulation Response 68dB
Selectivity 12KHz/ 25KHz ( -6dB / -60dB)
AF Output  700mW @16 Ohms for 10% THD (@7.4V)

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