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Suzuki DF9.9AS HP Outboard Engine

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Enquire About this Product Suzuki DF9.9AS HP Outboard Engine

Suzuki placed a high priority on ergonomics and ease of operation when designing these 4-strokes. The engines have a slim, clean appearance with no awkward protrusions on which to catch lines or clothing. The tiller and controls are centrally positioned with the emergency stop switch incorporated into the handle itself and the clutch, start switch and LED displays located on the tiller support bracket. The decompression release makes for easy manual starting. Engine vibration is minimised by the use of thick anti-vibration mounts and other features include rev limiter to prevent over revving when the engine is started in neutral and a delayed advance function which keeps the engine running evenly when decelerating quickly. Fuel consumption is approximately 50% of that used by an equivalent 2-stroke and engine emissions are extremely low. A choice of electric and manual start and remote control is offered.

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